Welcome to the MMIS Admissions Desk
Choosing the right school for our children is not an easy task. This is why we believe that the first step of the admission process should be to visit our school and get a feel of the MMIS set up and affable environment.
Today, Meridian Montessori International School is an institution where global education is seamlessly integrated with positive social values, coupled with a creative freedom that equips every student with necessary life skills.
Our suggestion to all of you is to surf our school’s website thoroughly. The website spells out most of the information that parents and students need to know before applying. After checking the admission procedure, feel free to send me an e-mail for further details. We will be joyful and feel honored to give you all the information you require and to get you to know MMIS better.

We look forward to meeting you!
Admissions are open for the academic year &the following is the process.

• Please collect the admission form at the School for Rs. 500 only.
• Please submit the filled-in Admission Form along with the relevant documents at the Front Office on any working day (Monday – Friday) between 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
• Principal will meet the parents along with the child for an informal interview/formal test, post which confirmation will be given.

  Visit the School
Fill the enquiry form
Meet with Academic team to discuss about Curriculum and Teaching Methodologies.
Request for application form from the admissions office. 
Submit the application form with necessary documents.
Informal meeting with parents and child together with the class teacher and principal.
Payment of fees for admission

Advanced English Communication Skills: “Learn a new language and get a new soul.”
– Czech Proverb
Advanced English Communication Skills (AECS) is designed to challenge students with advanced language skills and has a strong focus on the development of speaking and listening skills. The AECS course uses a wide variety of study materials including advanced English course books, real-life television, radio shows or movies, magazines, journals, books and the Internet. Students also undertake a class project which can involve writing and performing a live play, directing and filming a documentary or producing individual video diaries (digital stories).
Parents will receive a progress report of their child’s achievement approaching them in different areas of the classroom, as well as any behavioral issues the child may be experiencing.
When a call goes to a parent from the school in connection with a child’s work or conduct, parents are humbly requested to respond immediately, in the best interest of the child.
Four parent-teacher conferences will be held every year (once every term). It is mandatory for both parents to attend, as both endure the biological ones of the child and upbringing of the same


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